Day 48: Positive Energy

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Positive energy starts with attitude; everything we do either adds or takes away energy.

Some people lift you up with their attitude and energy, while others bring you down. Try to stay away from the people who are not uplifting; they’ll drag you down, too. Seek out the positive people; they’ll lift you up, too.

High performers learn to cut loose those things in their life that drain energy: relationships, obligations, work stress, unhealthy eating habits, etc.

Action Steps

Spend a minute typing out the action steps you want to take from this lesson. Email them to yourself and work on them today.


What People are saying...

Brian Davis

Brian Davis - "There's a party going on tomorrow night, and I want to go so I can meet a gal. There will be negative people there, though. I haven't decided if it's worth being around the negativity to try to get this girls' number. Hmmm..."

Hugh Turner Ii

Hugh Turner Ii - "This is so true. Just saw it at work today with someone I collaborated with being negative and someone I associated with because I was being positive. This does take conscious effort and with these and other suggestions I look forward to improving - since I control my attitude!"